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Olympic stomach bug causes Sharapova to pull out of Rogers Cup

MONTREAL – Former world No. 1 Maria Sharapova has withdrawn from the US$2.168 million women’s Rogers Cup with a stomach ailment.

The 25-year-old told organizers she picked up the bug at the London Olympics.

Sharapova won silver at the Games when she lost in the final to Serena Williams.

She was replaced in the draw by Galina Voskoboeva of Kazakhstan.

“It’s disappointing for our fans and for all of us, but it’s part of the game,” tournament director Eugene Lapierre said in a statement.





Dozens sickened with unknown ‘stomach bug’ linked to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Wild Africa Trek

Several dozen people have been sickened by a yet unknown “stomach bug”  linked to visits to the “Wild Africa Trek” tour offered by Disney’s Animal Kingdom according to Orange County health officials.

Health officials were first notified the 2nd week of June and discovered it was more than just one group by the 3rd week of June.  The health department then started a thorough investigation to find all those who got sick.

NBC News reports:

Visitors who took the three-hour boutique tour — which includes nature hikes, crossing a rickety foot bridge, sightings of giraffes, hippos and other animals and a catered snack on a manmade savannah — came down with symptoms including diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue and nausea, according to Dain Weister, a spokesman for the Orange County, Fla., Health Department.

The Orange County Health Department issued a Fact Sheet Thursday with the following bullet points:

• So far this appears to be a simple stomach bug.  Symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue.

• This cluster of illnesses appears to be under control as a majority of those who got sick were ill during a 2 day period the first week of June.

• The health department is still investigating and trying to determine a cause or source.  Many times we are not able to find a source.

• There have been no hospitalizations and most people interviewed did not even go to the doctor.

• People felt better usually within 2 to 5 days with the average length of illness of 2.8 days.

• Disney World staff made sure to take extra precautionary measures such as deep cleaning of surfaces, emphasis on hand washing and hygiene.

• Two restaurant inspections and assessments were completed at the restaurant that provides food to the trek.  They were both satisfactory.  No issues of concern were found.

• Hand washing and hand sanitizer has always been encouraged at Disney, but that message has been reinforced with guests and employees.

• No one has any contact with animals during this tour.

NBC News reports, Disney officials have conducted a thorough environmental cleaning, added more hand sanitizers and reiterated hand hygiene instructions for employees.

“We are working closely with the Orange County Health Department to review the situation,” said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger.




Stomach bug and pregnancy

Are you having a stomach bug while pregnant?

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Do you know the symptoms of a stomach bug?

Do you want to know the symptoms of a stomach bug?

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